Seeking help
for your family is courageous

We are here to help

You are not alone. As your trusted partner, we'll learn your family's unique story to develop a custom pathway to healing and renewal. Our services are designed to meet you at your family's greatest point of need.

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What to expect when you call

Step one

Schedule an Inquiry Call

When you call our office, or click the Schedule a Call button, we will schedule a convenient time for you to talk with our Admissions Associate. This is a brief Inquiry Call to learn about your family and find a time to meet with a Family Support Counselor, if appropriate.

Step two

Family Support Counseling

We will provide access to a Family Support Counselor within 3 business days of completing your Inquiry Call. Your first session is free and is designed to assess your family's situation and provide immediate counseling support and help. There is no obligation to use further Eagle Ranch services to participate in Family Support Counseling.

Step three

Find Your Pathway to Renewal

Once any critical needs are addressed, our Family Support Counselor will develop a custom plan based on your family's needs. Your next steps could include one of our many programs and services or a referral to a community partner organization.

Do I need help?

I don't feel hopeful about my family and our future.
I want to do what is best for my family, but I'm out of things to try.
I am exhausted: I have no energy to do more. I have no support.
My child wants to be alone on the computer or phone.
My child behaves well with everyone else, but at home is completely different.
I see my child going down a dangerous road and want to intervene.
I love my child, but it is hard to be around him/her.
My child lies about everything.
The rules at my ex's house are different than mine.
School is a major ordeal for my child.
My adopted child is struggling to fit in with our family.
I'm parenting my grandchild, and it is hard!
My child's behavior is affecting my marriage.
It's not just my child - our family is in chaos.
I wish I could focus on my problems, not just my child's.
I feel disrespected and my child doesn't listen to me.

You're not Alone

Seeking help for your child is a loving, courageous pursuit. Good parenting includes making hard choices that can move your family in a positive direction.

Tools and tips for families

Learn helpful tips from our parenting pros and others who understand family life. You'll also get an insider's look at Eagle Ranch.
Parenting Perspectives

The Respect Generation Gap

Feeling disrespected by your child? Respect, or lack thereof, is a common issue that causes tension in families. Learn tips for how to address respect in your home.
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Inside look

Eagle Ranch School

Our SACS-accredited school addresses students' academic and therapeutic needs in a small classroom setting.
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Creating Space for Intentional Connection

Do you set aside time for intentional connection with your spouse? Lack of time to connect in a meaningful way can lead to drifting apart.
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Parenting Perspectives

Is Perfect Parenting Possible?

Being a parent is a hard process and often full of mistakes. When raising your children, it’s easy to become irritated, impatient, and emotional.
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Understanding Your Story

Eagle Ranch Counselor Phillip Costa, LPC, talks about the importance of parents exploring their story to better understand their child.
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