family stories

you are not alone. others have walked similar paths.

Each family we serve has a unique story, but many share similar feelings of grief, frustration, pain and heartache. Knowing that someone understands helps start the journey to healing.
Imagine feeling so desperate about your future that you jump out of a moving car on Interstate 985. With cars speeding by, Roemello found himself lying face down on the side of the highway.
Ryland arrived at Eagle Ranch in July 2021. “I’ll never forget that day because it’s the day I realized that God wanted me to push forward and keep going with my life,” she recalled. “It was the day I told myself that I wanted to change.”
When Crystal's husband died, it had a profound impact on their family...especially her son. With nowhere to turn, Crystal found Eagle Ranch. The peaceful campus, caring staff and being around others who understood helped her family heal, transform and renew their relationships.
A struggling single mom, Sylina had a hard time saying no to her youngest son, Gavin, which resulted in frustration and outbursts when he didn't get his way. She wanted to keep the peace and be positive for her family, who had endured devastating loss.
Jodi and Bruce did everything they could to make their difficult and combative son, Charlie, happy. They felt their relationship was slipping away in Charlie's teen years as he became addicted to video games.