Family Support Counselor

Eagle Ranch is now hiring a Family Support Counselor.

REPORTS TO: Senior Director of Program/Admissions Manager


POSITION SUMMARY: Are you a Masters-level licensed Associate Professional Counselor in the process of becoming fully licensed? Are you passionate about crisis intervention, mediation, prevention, and supportive counseling? If so, then the Family Support Counselor may be the perfect role for you to gain a wide range of clinical skills as well as knowledge and experience in the field. This position supports admissions by screening, documenting initial inquiries, and recommending appropriate programs or referrals. This individual will also provide follow-up services to individuals and families who contact Eagle Ranch.


  • Answers and screens both phone and email inquiries to determine appropriate resources and/or programs for inquiring families.
  • Provides referrals to candidates and/or families not appropriate for Eagle Ranch.
  • Provides individual, group, and/or family therapy as needed (up to 12 sessions with Family Support Program clients).
  • Provides psychoeducation and resources to families.
  • Maintains all necessary documentation for each family in their caseload and initiates candidates’ files in the BestNotes database.
  • Evaluates the appropriateness of each family to continue receiving services at Eagle Ranch and offers the appropriate program referrals.
  • Notifies the Admissions Manager and parents/guardians when a candidate’s file is being transferred to the Admissions Coordinator.
  • Any other responsibilities that may be assigned by the Admissions Manager.



  • Master’s-level Counselor in social work, counseling, or psychology who holds an Associate Professional Counselor license.
  • Some experience in residential childcare is preferred.
  • Some experience in family systems and structural therapy is preferred.
  • Experience in counseling children, adolescents, older teens, and their families is desirable.
  • Ability to relate to a wide range of individuals from a social, economic, emotional, and spiritual aspect.


  • Able to manage the BestNotes database and a working knowledge of Microsoft Office.
  • Good communicator. Must be personable and able to assist people in crisis situations.
  • Able to manage multiple tasks simultaneously.


  • Mature and growing Christian actively involved in a community church.
  • Strives to maintain a close, daily walk with God.
  • Self-motivated and demonstrates initiative in their work.
  • Passion for continuous improvement and growth.
  • Able to multi-task and prioritize effectively.
  • Demonstrated ability to be a team player and highly approachable.
  • Excellent character, health, and emotional stability.
  • Teachable spirit and willingness to seek counsel.
  • Open to the ideas and thoughts of others – appropriate flexibility

TO APPLY: Candidates should email their resume and cover letter to the attention of Iain Burguet, Admissions Manager, at and wait to be contacted. Applicants who do not submit a cover letter will not be considered.