REPORTS TO:  Counselor


PURPOSE OF THE POSITION: Houseparents use biblical values in modeling a healthy family as they care for the children residing in their home. They manage the home to create a therapeutic environment which facilitates the attainment of goals established when each child is accepted at the Ranch. Within a structured environment, they ensure a holistic approach to nurturing each child. Additionally, they develop a relationship with each child’s family and help assimilate them into the Ranch program.


Spiritual Development of the Child

  • Foster an understanding of what it means to live by biblical principles while encouraging a child to an individual faith in Jesus Christ.
  • Model a healthy family relationship incorporating Christian values and worldview.
  • Actively participate in a local church and encourage the participation of the children in the activities of the church. Attendance is required for Sunday worship, but Houseparents should consider the value of the children participating in other church activities.
  • Conduct daily (am or pm) family devotions with the children.

Emotional Development

  • Create a safe environment where the children can work on their issues and practice new behaviors.
  • Become familiar with each child’s social history in an effort to understand the child as an individual.
  • Develop a relationship with each child, actively listen to them and offer individual counseling and support.
  • Develop and maintain an accepting and empathetic relationship with the child’s family.
  • Work closely with your Counselor and Program Assistant to help the children achieve the goals that were established when they first came to Eagle Ranch.

Social Development

  • Manage the group of children in your home ensuring that they all feel heard and can express themselves.
  • Help the children develop habits of proper behavior, dress and safety at social and recreational activities.
  • Teach children appropriate methods of building and enhancing interpersonal relationships.
  • Encourage children to participate in the Ranch’s experiential activities.

Intellectual Development

a. Education

  • Provide structured time each day for schoolwork and ensure that the children have necessary study materials.  
  • Assist children with homework and school projects.
  • Work in close cooperation with teachers and school staff.

b. Discipline

  • Teach children the choice/consequence model and consistently hold them accountable for the choices they make.
  • Comply with the Ranch’s “Discipline and Behavior Management Policy”.
  • Immediately report serious offenses or incidents to your Counselor or Director of Treatment and follow up with a written Incident Report.

Physical Development of the Child

a. Housekeeping and Sector Maintenance

  • Instruct the children on how to do their laundry and household chores.
  • Supervise the children in completing household chores, assist when needed and help them develop good housekeeping habits

b. Daily Care

  • Prepare and serve nutritionally balanced meals.      
  • Model and practice good table manners and encourage an atmosphere of “serving one another” during meals. Eat meals together as a family.
  • Ensure that each child is properly fitted for shoes and clothing.
  • Encourage the development of good personal hygiene habits such as bathing, brushing teeth, changing clothes, shampooing hair, cleaning nails, etc
  • Know any special health needs of children (e.g. allergic reaction to bee stings, medicines, special medicines needed, etc.).  Ensure required medication is taken at the proper time and in the prescribed amount.
  • Ensure that required medical and dental appointments are scheduled.

Ranch Chore and Sector Maintenance

  • Accomplish assigned Ranch chore.
  • Maintain that part of the Ranch grounds which make up your home’s assigned sector.

Staff Relations

  • Participate and cooperate with all members of the childcare team.
  • Provide documentation when required – progress reports, fire drill reports, accident/incident reports, monthly bank account information, etc.
  • Inform Program Assistant of the home routine and any special needs of a particular child.
  • Respond timely to all staff requests for information

Other Duties

  • Scheduled Work Hours - see Policy Manual
  • Home Maintenance
  • Maintain the home and furnishings in good order.
  • Keep the home van in good running condition, practice preventative maintenance and inform the Director of Facilities of needed repairs.  
  • Advise the Director of Facilities promptly when repairs to the home or furnishings are needed.
  • Delegated Responsibilities - Any other responsibilities that may be assigned by the Senior Director of Program


  • Regularly attend church and have a clear Christian testimony.
  • Enjoy participating in Christian community.
  • Strong desire to serve others.
  • Flexible and adaptable. Able to adjust to sudden schedule changes.
  • Teachable spirit and desire to learn.


  • Mature follower of Christ and agree with the Eagle Ranch Statement of Faith.
  • Share with your spouse a burden to provide a Christian home for children in crisis while supporting them and their families as they work toward family reunification.
  • Share a mutual belief with your spouse that God is calling each of you into this ministry.
  • Good physical and psychological health as assessed by employment exams and job performance.
  • High School diploma plus work experience required, college preferred.
  • Married at least three years and have no more than two of your own children living at home.
  • Willing and able to do manual work and to physically participate in outdoor activities with the children.
  • Have a valid driver’s license, a good driving history and able to drive a 15-passenger van.
  • Live in Ranch assigned home and prepare meals for your children.
  • Able to maintain good records and the home checking account.
  • Able to balance Ranch responsibilities with those of your own family.

Ready to apply? Couples should email their professional resumes with a cover letter (please include age and gender of any dependent children) to John Cunnings, Director of Homelife at, and we will contact you soon. In your cover letter, please list where you heard about the Houseparent position.